Nkomo’s son bemoans abuse of father’s name


SIBANGILIZWE Nkomo, the son of the late veteran nationalist and Vice-President Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, yesterday said the continued abuse of his father’s name and neglect of infrastructure associated with the nationalist mirrors the decay in national leadership.

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Sibangilizwe yesterday said it was disheartening that Nkomo’s name continues to be abused.

“It’s really sad that my father’s name continues to be abused by several people, even in government,” he said.

“But broadly speaking, the neglect of the Victoria Falls exhibition material is a broader reflection of lack of administrative acumen by the current crop of leadership.”

Sibangilizwe said State companies and national infrastructure were collapsing because wrong people were in charge.

“I was not even aware that there was such an exhibition in Victoria Falls,” he said.

“It is disgusting that material associated with a person whom the country, through its leadership, calls Father Zimbabwe, can be allowed to decay in that manner. What message is being portrayed about Nkomo?”

Southern Eye yesterday revealed that exhibition material, a pictogram used to capture Nkomo’s life, which was on exhibit at last year’s United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), was being neglected in a metal cell.

The metal cell is part of a cultural village constructed at Elephant Hills Hotel during last year’s conference.

In the metal cell were exhibitions of Nkomo’s early years in politics and family life captured in photographs.

Critics say the neglect was evidence that Nkomo’s name and history were only invoked when Zanu PF politicians conveniently wanted something, with the late vice-president’s legacy completely ignored when the officials would have achieved the desired results.

The Zimbabwe cultural village, the exhibition in Victoria Falls, was a partnership between the Tourism ministry, Friends of Joshua Trust and Mateji Resettlement village and was meant to depict and celebrate the country’s diverse and rich culture.

It was also aimed at preserving the nation’s cultural heritage.

In September, this publication revealed that Ekusileni, Nkomo’s brainchild, was undergoing extensive renovations as part of the infrastructure had been eaten by termites.


  1. Indeed these hypocrites will never and never really had any empathy with our leader,besides reaching to him for their convenience.

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