Top city artistes form band


BULAWAYO artistes Ex mile, Thandy Dhlana, Butshilo Nleya, and Zet Moyo have come together to form a band known as iTribe.


The group has performed on numerous stages since April this year and have expanded the collaboration into song-writing. Exmile

Nleya told Southern Eye Lifestyle that they formalised their relationship last week.

“Due to public scrutiny and a shared vision, we finalised our decision last week to formalise our relationship and share synergies,” he said.

“The band came about as a result of a collaboration between Afro-soul singer Ex mile, Afro-jazz guitarist and singer Zet Moyo, ethno soul singer, songwriter, dancer and mbira player Thandy Dhlana and percussionist Butshilo Nleya,” he said.

Nleya said the name iTribe had a lot of meanings and reflected their diversity.

“iTribe is a composition of different artistes with different backgrounds and genres coming together to do one thing,” he said.

“We also directly translated it from Ndebele to say we are a tribe.

“We have been working on the identity of the group for the past eight months and asked ourselves whether we should come together or help each other as individuals, but we saw it will be beneficial if we worked together as a team.

“iTribe draws its music from the traditional, contemporary and modern cultures of young Zimbabweans. It is a Zimbabwean world music band seeking to change the globe through one spirit of love, unity and ubuntu, creating one tribe through music.

The four are accomplished artistes in their own right. Bangaxabani hit maker, Exmile, has worked with Jeys Marabini, Dudu Manhenga, Family Voices and Willis Wataffi, among others.

Dhlana was a member of Izintombi Zomqangala led by Sandra Ndebele from 2011 until this year.

She has toured India, Dubai, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Canada and Japan.

Moyo clinched first prize in the Ghetto Fabulaz 2014 music competition early this year while Nleya is a festival director at Bulawayo Culture Festival, team leader at Born to Life Arts and media and workshop performance artist at Butshilo’s Drums.