Man caught on camera stealing from colleague


A 26-YEAR-OLD merchandiser sneaked into his colleague’s room and stole his debit card before proceeding to withdraw his salary.

Albert Ncube
Own Correspondent

Peter Lucky Mandure of Pumula East, an MMS merchandiser stationed at OK Gwanda, was not so lucky as he was caught on camera withdrawing $334 from ZB Bank’s Gwanda branch.

The revelations came to light when Mandure appeared at the Gwanda magistrate court facing theft charges.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight months in prison.

However, three months were suspended on condition he pays back $334 to the complainant, Reatile Sibanda.

The remaining five months were further suspended on condition that he performs 175 hours of community service at St Bernard’s School.

Prosecutor Gertrude Zvidzai narrated how Mandure committed the offence and was caught.

“On October 3, Mandure took Sibanda’s ATM card and proceeded to ZB Bank Gwanda branch,” she said.

“He withdrew the complainant’s salary and went back to surrender the card at home before proceeding to Bulawayo.”

Sibanda went to check for his salary on several occasions until he asked the bank for his statement on October 17.

“Sibanda discovered that his salary had been deposited on October 2 and withdrawn the next day,” Zvidzai said.

“Footage was played by the bank and Sibanda watched and identified Mandure withdrawing some money.”

Mandure said he knew Sibanda’s pin code and stole the money to settle rentals and had hoped to repay Sibanda, but was arrested before he could pay it back.