Bosso Woes . . . Attendances decline . . . Hartsfield move costly


HIGHLANDERS made huge losses in their last two Castle Lager Premier Soccer League (PSL) matches against Chicken Inn and Chiredzi at Hartsfield Rugby Grounds.


The number of supporters who have been attending matches at the stadium have dropped significantly owing to a number of reasons, chiefly poor results and transport costs to the new venue.

Barbourfields, their original home, has been closed for the better part of the season for renovations for the Africa Union Sports Council Region V Games that will take place in December.

This means a large number of Bosso fans, mostly from their main catchment areas in the western suburbs, need to get into the city centre first before connecting to Hartsfield, twice the cost of getting to Barbourfields.

On Sunday, the club made just $2 821 after 883 fans went through the turnstiles.

However, the club made a huge loss as their total expenses were $4 317, 20, leaving Bosso with a loss of $1 496,20.

Some of the expenses included the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) and Zifa which were each paid $169,26, ground rental cost $564,20, PSL levy was $191,28 while the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) got the highest chunk of $1 092.ZIFA2

Against Chicken Inn last week, 1 188 supporters paid to watch the match.

Bosso incurred another loss as the total expenses for the match were $6 458, 80 while the club made a total of $6 320.

The SRC and Zifa pocketed $379,20 each, $1 264 went to ground rentals while the PSL received $419,60 with the ZRP getting more at $1 494.

The club made a substantial amount in their home league match against ZPC Kariba.

A total of 3 246 supporters went through the turnstiles which saw the club pocketing about $17 000. The club expenses added up to $10 910 with the club pocketing $6 273.

Club treasurer Jerry Sibanda said they incurred the highest expenses against Chiredzi.

“We are hoping that more people will come in our last league match against Chapungu,” he said. “We incurred a lot of expenses, especially against Chiredzi. The supporters paid $3, but still we made a loss. We ended up using club funds to pay ground expenses, police and the referees.

“We don’t want a situation where we end up using money from club coffers because the money we get from attendances is low.

“The movement to Hartsfield contributed to us making losses in our games. It is not secure but as a temporary measure it was OK.”

Bosso chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede said the move from BF affected the club.

“The movement from BF to Hartsfield was detrimental to our finances,” he said.

“BF had been our favourite hunting ground. It was more congenial for our football games. At BF we could open about 15 gates so that there could be enough gates if there was pressure. But we have had to make do with eight.

“Supporters can grow very impatient if they have to queue. But we are grateful to our loyal fans who have sacrificed their monies so that they help us meet our obligations.”

Gumede said they made a loss against Chiredzi and they had to pay winning bonuses-the first time they did so since September 28 as they went for six league and cup games without a win.


  1. maybe losing against Chapungu wont be so bad Mr Gumede coz then we wont have to pay winning bonuses and further incur losses !

  2. Let us get it right, transport costs are not the issue. Supporters alway used to get into town and then connect to their destinations; it is the poor performance which is chasing people away.

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