It is graduation time again

Nonto Masuku

IT is indeed an exciting time for those who have completed their studies.

Congratulations to all those who just graduated or are looking to graduate before the end of the year. Your labour has finally come to fruition.

It is no secret, however, that challenging times lie ahead for many jobseeking graduates. Competition in the job market is stiff.

Consequently, jobseekers need to equip themselves with tools that will ensure they get noticed.

Nust graduation
Nust graduation

Brian Tracy on the website, writes a beautiful article on some of the attributes all job seekers should have. I would like to share these with you.

He states that there are three Cs to get the kind of job you want and earn the kind of money you want. These three C’s basically remain constant throughout your working career.

They are contacts, credibility, and competence.

First, the more contacts you have in the marketplace, the more likely it is you will find the job you want.

The more people you know and who know you, the more likely it is you will uncover one of the 85% or more of job openings that are never listed anywhere.

This is why it is so important for you to network continually. Join clubs and associations. Ask people for referrals and references. Nothing is more important than your circle of contacts.

The great majority of jobs that are filled in the hidden job market are filled because someone knows somebody.

The second C is credibility. This is made up of your reputation and your character. Your credibility is the most important single quality about you in terms of getting recommendations and referrals from your contacts.

Make sure that everything you do is consistent with the highest ethical standards. Make sure that you never say or do anything that could be misconstrued by anyone as anything other than excellent conduct and behaviour.

Remember, character is what defines your reputation and what causes people to remember you. It is your character, which is the sum total of all your positive qualities, that will have the greatest impact on whether you get the job you want.

The third C is competence. In the final analysis it is how good you are and how good you have been in your previous jobs that will determine, more than anything else, how good you could be at the job under consideration.

Next to your character, your level of competence will be the single most important factor in determining success in your career.

This is why you must be continually working to maintain and upgrade your levels of competence through personal study all your working life.

All the best with your endeavours graduates!!