Small scale miners strategise

(ZMF) spokesperson, Dosman Mangisi,

SMALL-SCALE mining is key to the recovery of the country’s comatose economy, Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation (ZMF) spokesperson, Dosman Mangisi, has said.


Mangisi said small-scale mining had the potential to contribute immensely to the country’s gross domestic product if players in the sector were assisted by the government and worked hard.

He said ZMF would host a conference aimed at creating synergies for the growth of the sector.

The two-day annual small-scale miners conference and exhibition will run from December 10-12 at the Gweru Agricultural Showgrounds.small scale farmer

Mangisi said the exhibition will help unlock the potential of small-scale miners in Zimbabwe.

He added that the government and mining companies should be held accountable in order to accomplish transparency and accountability in the mining sector.

“We would want to promote transparency and accountability in the mining sector,” Mangisi said.

“The exhibition is meant to share information on strategies, challenges and achievements of various stakeholder initiatives on promoting natural resources, governance and transparency.”

He said the conference would seek to promote the growth of the mining industry through value addition to boost exports.

Representatives from the Finance ministry, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and the World Bank are expected to attend.