Bosso bullet misses Dynamos

Moses Tshimukeni Mahlangu

PRIOR to the match at National Sports Stadium, DeMbare coach, Kalisto Pasuwa well predicted that Bosso would fight like a wounded lion and indeed his prediction came true.

The following day December 1, after the match, local newspapers flighted the following captions:

The Herald: It is the same old strory, Dembare beats Highlanders on penalties

Southern Eye: Bosso loses again

The Zimbabwe Mail: Dynamos lifts Gushungo Victory Cup

Daily News: Dynamos extends dominance – Bosso left to rue missed chances

Newsday : Dynamos lifts Gushungo victory cup.

Highlanders caretaker coach, Mark Mathe, had prior to the game concurred with Bosso’s former gaffer Kelvin Kaindu that the team lacked mental strength or character. He promised supporters that this area was being worked on.

Anyone who attended this match on November 30 2014, at National Sports Stadium will agree with Mathe that a marked change was observed in the Bosso squad.

From the time they marched into the pitch, the boys walked tall. During the first half of the match, Highlanders totally dominated as they besieged DeMbare’s goal post.

The sense of urgency was visible. The two Bosso wingers were indeed flying. The young man – I think he wore number four – was a marvel, his feet gave him wind speed.

The defence was solid. On the shooters, both sides were found wanting. Pasuwa concurred Bosso central link was compact.

On the other hand, Mathe heaped accolades on his team. In his analysis, the game was one of team’s best.

On shoot-outs, he asked his boys to add an ounce more to their character and mental strength, unfortunately this was not to be.

If the truth were to be told, DeMbare were struggling throughout the game. On ball possession and dribbling wizardry, Bosso took DeMbare to the dry cleaners.

This is evidenced by a goalless 90-minute play leading to shoot-outs. Turning to the match officials, the referee and his lines men conducted themselves professionally.

Bookable offences were promptly dealt with, without inhibiting the flow of the game.

During the second half, both sides appeared exhausted. Wasting time eating tricks then were engaged. Dembare supporters sensed danger throughout the game.

When a Dynamos player brought down a Bosso player who had broken loose and was heading for the goal post, a Dynamos fan was overhead saying, at times you need to do that to stop one from scoring.

Another exciting aspect was when the helicopter landed on the playing field to deliver the Gushungo Trophy.

Out came young women clad in yellow T-shirts. This added lustre to the whole match set up.

Coming to shoot-outs, Bosso drew first blood by bagging in two goals to DeMbare’s two missed ones. One would have thought that this leading position must have calmed Bosso shooters nerves, yet the opposite was true.

DeMbare came from behind to shoot in three goals against Highlanders’ two.

Back to newspaper captions on this match; it is true that Dynamos has been and continues to do well. In the same vein, a mountain of determination and courage exhibited by Bosso begs for recognition.

The indomitable spirit by Bosso is exciting, taking into account that this was a team mainly composed of junior players.

The boys were not threatened by DeMbare, they went for the ball. The intense marking made it difficult for DeMbare players to create their usual forays.

Indeed Bosso played like a wounded lion. Dembare was simply lucky to win the game. The quality of play at times kept speculators on the edges of their seats.

If the standard of play shown by Highlanders at the National Sports Stadium last Sunday is anything to go by, rest assured crowds will start gracing Bosso games.

Who knows, this could be an omen of good things to come for Bosso in the 2015 season. Well done Mahlolanyama, “Bosso ngenkani ongafuniyo kayekele”.

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