A nation under siege


SOMETIMES a country finds itself at a point when it feels held back, limited and confined in all ways.

People try changing things but nothing really changes at all. They resign themselves to the way things are and compromise, settling for a limited version of who they are.

Beginning to set sights on challenges starts to break them out. Deeply embarrassed by our personal failures, we find encouragement though from the natural forces of the universe, to grant ourselves forgiveness for our failings and not to live in fear or guilt, but to always keep moving forward seeking the grander vision, a vision of peace, trust, accountability and tolerance, a vision which does not come from personalities but from a collective consciousness of good.

Zimbabwe flag
Zimbabwe flag

A vision which does not discriminate against race, tribe or gender.

The supreme irony in us though is that, we have all placed importance on personalities at the expense of principle. We have placed so much of it to an extent of forgetting the experience we are going through. Our most powerful messenger is experience, yet it is this we ignore most.

Our nation wouldn’t be in its present condition, where we to have simply listened to our experience. The result of not listening and correcting ourselves will most definitely lead us to re-living this experience over and over again.

Our experience has come in a hundred forms, at a thousand moments across a number of decades, three and half decades to be precise, yet this experience we ignore.

How can we pretend to feel so good about something so bad? In a large sense, all the bad things happening in our nation are of our choosing. The mistake is not in choosing them, but in ignoring them, for in ignoring them, we become part of them.

It is this intellectual and spiritual dishonesty which lets us accept a country in which conditions are as they are. If we all had to accept, or even feel a deep inner sense of personal responsibility for our nation, it would be a far different place. That this is so patently obvious is what makes it so utterly painful, and so poignantly ironic. Lord have mercy.

The affairs of our nation embarrass a multitude of interests. We are now a nation in a journey to nowhere, walking backwards into the future, a nation working very hard to maintain a perpetual low when others are striving for perpetual highs and it seems this is a choice we have made for our nation.

We all make choices and in the end our choices make us, and here we are because of the choices we made.

Remember, not making a choice is a choice on its own. Repeating yesterday’s mistakes has become self hypnotic behaviour which has gotten us where we are today.

Stagnation is evident when the past seems bigger and greater than the present and the future. A nation that repeats yesterday is a nation in motion but not in the right direction.

Great nations have been made from a leadership’s willingness and ability to acknowledge they are not always right, for in so doing you create space for more knowledge.

Sad to say, our leaders have become creatures of habit, a habit of corruption, a habit of stealing, a habit of destroying and killing, the list is endless, all because of greed.

In seeking our way forward, the ‘Mugabe must go mantra ‘ is now a tired and has since passed its sell by date. The Zimbabwean issue is no longer a Mugabe issue, we must now be looking beyond Mugabe. It is that which is ahead of us which is now more important to us than merely the exit of a man whose departure is inevitable.

Focusing on him makes us a stagnant nation for in him, we can no longer extract anything helpful to our present circumstances, worse still our future.

The real issue at hand in our nation are those vultures behind the Mugabe name, those vultures waiting to pounce at any opportunity to plunder and they are prepared to do anything for power.

If we are to revisit what has been and what is happening in Zanu PF, it gives us a clue as to what we should prepare for in the near future, minus Mugabe.

We might sit back and relax watching the horror movie unfolding in Zanu PF and expect to see a big “the end” but then, we will be fooling ourselves. To conclude that this is the extinction of Zanu PF will be day dreaming.

The real Zanu pf of the moment is still very strong. Take the political journey of our nation since 2000 and write a movie script, you would find prominent figures at almost every zone of chaos, and these are the people who are reigning supreme in Zanu PF at the moment.

All streets of corruption are named under these people. Take a journey and you will easily identify these figures. These figures have blood of innocent people on their hands, these figures are the queen mothers and god fathers of corruption.

Everything they touch disintegrates yet I give them credit, credit that they don’t give up, they have 9 lives, they always have plan B under their sleeves, and that, you can not take away from them. I wish our nation had such people for a good cause and here we have a reason to be very worried.

Since independence people have been massacred, elections stolen, diamonds plundered under the nose of the citizenry by just a handful of people who chose to go against all odds in pursuit of evil.

Having done all this, still it could not satisfy their appetite for evil. As the Bible says Satan came to steal kill and destroy, this is an art these vultures have perfected, stealing from everyone, killing those who resist and destroying everything in their way.

Today this team is playing at home, against its own and for sure its further perfecting its art while we stand aside and look.
They know no limits and have and will even act against the masses. They know they have no following and will do anything for power.

Are we not a nation under siege? Under siege for if you also look at the opposition you find some behaving like Zanu PF clones, they want to grab everything, they have become an extension of Zanu PF , a mirror image of those they want to replace, then we ask a question and “what is the point?”. They no longer value principles.

Zimbabweans let us remember yesterday and let us be very afraid of these symptoms, for they warn of a serious problem, a problem like yesterday.

It is time we crossed the river Save for it is now infested with crocodiles, its no longer safe and we can’t stay where we are either, for the vultures are waiting to devour us.

We do not sympathise with those torn apart in Zanu PF, the Mutasas of the tsikamutanda approach to diesel and politics, the Shamus of the helicopter downing fame.

Sympathising with them will be a betrayal to all those who lost their lives and those with broken limbs, courtesy of this mafia’s cruelty.

Today we are suffering because of the collective effort in destroying our dignity as a nation. So being tormented by your own does not cleanse you of your evil doings.

Beyond the horizon there is hope. A mustard seed although tiny grows to a mighty oak that forms a magnificent forest. Pursuit of values, values of ubuntu, co-existance, tolerance, peace and stability is what builds great nations.

I thank the creator that seed is starting to germinate and grow. To you so called small parties (as you are called by some who have bestowed the big brother title upon themselves) who have chosen to walk a journey of reunification.

I salute you for you are showing the nation direction. You are not small but big. We must not be weary of humble beginnings. You have shown that you are not limited by differences but are brought together by principles and your resistance on compromising principles has caught my attention and I assure you, you will not walk the journey alone.

For as long as you remain resolute, you can count on some of us, just keep on moving and the nation will follow. One day good shall prevail over evil.

I am yearning for that day, when people will have freedom of speech, when people will feel safe with their leaders, where all people the Ndebeles, the Shonas, the Manyikas, the Karangas, the Sothos, the San, the English, all of us will have equal opportunities to the resources of our country.

I’m yearning for a nation without vultures, a nation with real independence and democracy for all. That nation is coming, hope is rising.