18 teams for Southern Region Division One

Musa Mandaza

ZIFA Southern Region are mooting the idea of increasing the number of teams in the league to 18 next season from the current 16.


Kabwe Warriors and Zimbabwe Saints were expelled for nonpayment of affiliation fees midseason leaving the league to finish the season with 14 teams.

Southern Region chairperson Musa Mandaza confirmed yesterday that they were considering increasing the number of teams in the league.

“We are considering increasing the number of teams next season to 18,” he said. SOCCER

“Because of the Region 5 Games, we could not meet as a board to discuss this and we will be meeting in January around the first week. The Northern Region has 18 teams and we understand the Central Region also wants the same number of teams.”

Four teams were promoted to the league and these are Makomo FC from Hwange, Amagagasi from Victoria Falls, Magwegwe Pirates and BCC FC both Bulawayo teams.

Bantu Rovers, who bought the Plumtree Chiefs franchise at the beginning of the year with the hope of making it in the Premier Soccer League (PSL), are back in Division One after a dismal season which saw them collecting 25 out of a possible 90 points.

Tsholotsho FC, who finished top of the Division One League, were promoted to the PSL. Zimbabwe Saints, who are planning a come back, will have to start in Division Three if their plans come to fruition.

Mandaza said if passed they would have to discuss the criteria they will use to include the other two teams.

“We are still to make a decision on how the two teams will be promoted or included in the league but that will all happen on the first week of January when we have our meeting,” he said.