Unity Day nonevent


THE Unity Accord signed between President Robert Mugabe and the late veteran nationalist Joshua Nkomo in 1987 has been described as a zero sum negotiation, where one party only benefited.


Speaking to Southern Eye, pastor Angliston Sibanda said Unity Day was not worth celebrating, as it only favoured Zanu PF.

 pastor Angliston Sibanda
pastor Angliston Sibanda

“The Unity Accord favoured one party and up to today there is still marginalisation in the region of Matabeleland,” he said
“We have no unity in Zimbabwe and this day is not worth celebrating.”

Sibanda said people in Matabeleland have continued to suffer from social and economic injustices.

“Zanu PF was actually carrying a stick towards signing of the Unity Accord and Bulawayo has continued to decline in all political and economic spheres,” he said.

“People had optimism that there will be equal development but suffering has been perpetuated by the initiators who are the grand architects of the accord.”

Paul Siwela
Paul Siwela

Self-exiled leader of the Mthwakazi Liberation Organisation, Paul Siwela said during the signing of the Unity Accord, Mugabe was celebrating annihilating Matabeleland while for Nkomo it was a celebration of diversity.

Political commentator Godwin Phiri said unity in Zimbabwe was playing second fiddle to political expediency.

“What is clear is that securing the president’s hold on power was more important than preserving unity,” he said.

Themba Moyo, a resident from Pumula East concurred that Unity Day was not worth celebrating.

“People who are in Zanu PF are the ones who should celebrate because we continue to suffer,” he said. “I would rather look for money than celebrating the Unity Day because it is not worth celebrating.”

However, some residents said the day was worth celebrating as people should unite and have peace rather than blaming Zanu PF for the Unity Accord.

“Unity Day is a national event, where people should unite and have peace,” Thomas Jackson said. “Unity is for us not Zanu PF or Zapu. When we reflect to the past this day is really worth celebrating.”

Priscilla Mpofu, a Kumalo resident said people should not focus on political issues when it comes to national events.