Police rake in millions in traffic fines


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police could have so far raked in more than a million dollars from traffic fines during the festive season as close to 100 000 tickets have been issued.

Chief Reporter

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said in a statement that between December 15 and yesterday, a total of 99 571 tickets had been issued for various traffic offences.

A total of 2 375 defective vehicles have been impounded.

Traffic fines range from $5 to $20.

Police yesterday could not provide amounts raised, but basing on a fine for drunk driving ticket of $20 about $1,980 million could have been raised.

No breakdown of offences was given.

Traffic fines that are currently stipulated by the government range from failure to stop at flash lights — railway crossing ($20), no safety belt $5, having no white front reflectors ($5), proceeding against red robot ($20) and a vehicle having no windscreen wiper is fined $5.

Motorists who fail to produce driver’s licences and insurance documents are fined $20 and $5 respectively while registration book to VID attracts $10.

Nyathi said as of yesterday 86 people had died in 1 054 road accidents recorded nationwide, with 600 people sustaining injuries.

The major cause of accidents is human error, as many people during this season take the risk to drink and drive, while others drive very long distances without rest and end up falling asleep behind the wheel, leading to accidents.

Police have mounted roadblocks along most major highways, but many people have dismissed these as a money spinner, as cops have been accused of accepting bribes.

Police say they will maintain a heavy presence on most public roads to flush out unroadworthy vehicles and reduce the number of accidents ahead of the New Year’s holiday.


  1. Who does not know that ZRP are raking in millions? To all of us this is not news at all! And who does not know that members of the ZRP who man our roads are stinking with wealth? We all know this and they will not acknowledge the fact as their wealth is ill-begotten! During the Xmas holiday they target mostly cars with South African numbers as locals have been targetted throughout the year. They always find fault with all cars and get money from all, one way or the other. Kombies daily pay systematic charges and no vehicle is ever inspected hence accidents due to the state of some of these vehicles. ZRP now do not care about their pay as they make more from roadblocks! We all know that fact and they will never agree to it.

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