Gibson sets new 2015 standards

ZIFM stereo presenter Gibson Ncube

ZIFM STEREO radio presenter Gibson Ncube, who deliberately exposed and promoted Bulawayo’s hidden talent through his show Zi Saturday Zone, has set new standards for 2015 where he would only play quality music that retains national appeal.


“In 2014 I received a lot of music that was substandard and 80% of it could not meet the station’s standards from sound quality, content and production. This year has to be different; we need more quality music from the city and that is music that has a national crossover. We want to see Bulawayo artistes being recognised nationally and winning awards on merit,” Ncube said.

The radio DJ said he was lenient to some of the city’s musicians in 2014.

“I was lenient, but in 2015 I won’t have time for mickey-mouse music; not even a track that is 75% quality will be good enough to get airplay on my show. That is the only way our music can grow.

“A lot of artistes complain about lack of airplay and the reason they don’t get airplay is because their music is poor. It’s like food; no one has interest in eating rubbish food; you can cook it, but uzodla wedwa (you’ll eat it alone),” Ncube said.

On one of his last shows in 2014, Ncube played new hot singles Dark Shade (Paul Matavire) by L Josh, Benny Jones, Mzoe 7, Bleeezah and Neshville and System Tazvida by Baller Mandizha, Young Crispy, Sharky.

Mzoe 7
Mzoe 7

The two tracks pay tribute to two of the country’s great musicians, Matavire and Tazvida.

Calvin’s new track Z’khuphani and Afro-jazz’s JahBue’s Nguye Lo/Ndiye will add to the list to set the 2015 standards.