Ndebele kingdom revival sparks interest


DESCENDANTS of the King Lobengula vowed to re-establish the Ndebele kingdom this year, but they could have started a chain of events they could not have fathomed, ranging from the ridiculous to the serious.

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As it is, a 47-year-old Bulawayo man has tipped himself to be the next Ndebele king, amid concerns from culturalists that the Khumalo family risks installing a “mirage king”, should they fast track the process.

Edward Ndlovu yesterday told Southern Eye that he is the next Ndebele king and descendant of King Mzilikazi.

“‘I am a descendant of King Mzilikazi and therefore, I am also in line for the throne,” he claimed, the irony lost on him that he was not a Khumalo,”’ Ndlovu said.

“In fact, I am the next Ndebele king, as l have started campaigning for the throne.”

Ndlovu says he had sent his documents to the Local Government ministry, indicating his intentions for the throne, were it to be re-established.

“I have also written to the Khumalo family (Peter Zwide kaLanga Khumalo) stating my intentions and I am waiting to have meetings with them,” he continued.

Ndlovu was not keen to disclose his motivation for being the next King. Peter Zwide kaLanga Khumalo is often regarded as a senior member of King Lobengula’s family, although some say he is not the heir apparent.

The Ndebele kingdom ceased to exist following King Lobengula’s disappearance in December 1893 and efforts to re-establish it have so far failed.

However, culturalist and traditional healer, David Muhabhinyane Ngwenya yesterday said the Khumalo clan should not rush the process.

“Wide consultations need to be undertaken countrywide,” he said. “This is a multi-million dollar project and they (Khumalo’s) risk installing a mirage king if the rush.”

Ngwenya said there should be extensive consultations before the Khumalos installed a king, suggesting even the Queen of England should be consulted.

“The government, through the Local Government ministry, should be engaged in the process, even Her Majesty the Queen should be notified,” he said.

“Fast tracking the process will be a disaster. Therefore, it is impossible that all due process will be complete this year.”

Recently, the Khumalo family revealed that the long-awaited revival of the Ndebele monarchy and installation of a new king would be resolved this year.

Donald Khumalo, a member of the Khumalo clan called for the speedy identification of the heir saying the matter of the king was in many people’s view, central to the preservation and protection of the rich Ndebele culture as part of Zimbabwean heritage.


  1. Seriously people are thinking about the revival of the Ndebele Kingdom? For whom and for whose interest? History will teach us that there were other kingdoms across this vast country well before the coming in of the Ndebele. Please do not revive an irrelevant authority in modern times!

  2. Siyoqedana isizukulwane seNkosi ngenxayobukhosi kodwa siyidinga kabi iNkosi esikaMthwakazi, akusheshwe kulungiswe ingcotshwe inkosi.

  3. What has the queen of England has to do with an African tribal king! Selifuna njalo ukhuthengisa umhlaba njenge nsukuzonke!?

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