Man (43) rapes stepdaughters


A 47-YEAR-OLD man from Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo has claimed that he sexually abused his stepdaughters, as their mother, his wife, was denying him his conjugal rights.


The man appeared before the Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo facing charges for contravening Section 89 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. He pleaded guilty to both charges and was remanded in custody to January 15 for sentencing.

The man said that his daughters were innocent, but their mother’s failure to satisfy his sexual needs had led him to committing the offence.

“I know what I did was wrong, but my wife is responsible for my sexual satisfactions, if she cannot deliver then where does she think I get all that from?” the man, who cannot be named to protect the victims’ identity, said.

“I blame my wife because it has been almost nine months since we last had sex.”

The man then broke into tears as he turned to face his two victims, aged 11 and 14 and apologised for being a bad father to them.

“I wish one day you will grow up and understand what caused me to act in such a heartless manner, but all I am asking is that you forgive me,” he pleaded.

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza told the court that from July last year to January this year, the man and his wife quarrelled over intimacy.

Agreed facts state that the stepfather first approached the older girl (14) and promised to do everything for her if she kept their secret and they had sexual intercourse.

After sometime, he approached the younger sibling and brought her chocolates before raping her. A neighbour, one day noticed the younger sibling sitting outside the house crying and asked what was going on and she revealed the abuse. Both children were taken to Mpilo Central Hospital for an examination, which confirmed the abuse.

The girls’ mother said: “Such men deserve to be castrated or totally guillotined for their heartless behaviour.”