Satanism victim worsens


THE condition of a 17-year-old former Cowdray Park Secondary School student who was last week suspected to have been initiated into Satanism, has worsened.


Her parents said their daughter’s condition has left them hapless, and they have since tried spiritual and traditional healing, with no luck.

The girl’s mother told the Southern Eye that since last week, they have taken their daughter to pastors and traditional healers, but worsened.

“I have been running up and down to churches seeking help, but none of these powerful pastors have assisted in healing my daughter,” she said.

“Pastors who come to pray for her leave and never come back to check on her, which worries me a lot and I end up thinking they see how dangerous her condition is.”

The family said they took the girl to various traditional healers, who advised them to perform rituals and allow the girl to be initiated into traditional healing. The girl’s father said he believed what a traditional healer, identified as Ngore said.

“Ngore said that the ancestors have been requesting that she becomes a healer, however, the family has not accepted their request that is why they decided to claim her through that condition,” he said.

But medical doctors have a different explanation for the girl’s behaviour which they say has nothing to do with either Satanism or the mystical call of the ancestors.

From reading the initial story, a doctor said the girl was showing signs of psychosis, a severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted.

“It could be hallucinogens or stimulants,” the doctor said.

“Popular party drugs like crystal methamphetamines and magic mushrooms may cause this.

“These are not unusual party drugs in South Africa and developed countries and the party drugs are slowly getting popular in Zimbabwe.”

According to the girl’s parents, the girl’s problems started when she went out with her South African friends to a party and that is where the doctor believes investigations should begin.