Delta Beverages slashes drinks prices


LOCAL beverages manufacturer, Delta Beverages, has slashed the prices for its sparkling drinks with effect from today as it embraces the introduction of the new bond coins, the company claimed.

Staff Reporter

A 330ml can and 350ml pet now cost 60c each while a one-litre pet costs $1,40. The price of a 1,25lt pet now stands at $1,65 and a 2lt pet at $2,25.

“An ongoing drive to improve operational efficiencies and the introduction of bond coins has enabled us to reduce the recommended retail price,” Coca-Cola general manager (sparkling beverages) Moses Gambiza said in a statement.

While Delta claimed the company had improved its efficiency necessitating the price reduction, the company could be feeling the squeeze of reduced sales and may be trying to hold onto its market share, in an increasingly illiquid economy.

“The benefits of the cost-saving measures are now being passed on to the consumers through price reductions,” Gambiza said.

“The price reduction is with effect from Monday February 2, 2015.

“The new price points will be convenient to our consumers as the nation takes advantage of the new bond coins.”

Gambiza said the rollback on the price of the Coca-Cola products was a way of expressing gratitude to the Zimbabwean consumers and a celebration for the company’s loyal customers, who have enjoyed the brand over the past 66 years.

In December, Delta reduced the prices of beer pints and quarts by 13% as it geared up for the reduction in excise duty on clear beer.

Last October, Delta reported that soft drink consumption had gone down by 8% for the quarter and was 6% down compared to the corresponding period in the previous year.

Beer sales went down by a fifth, the company announced almost two weeks ago.