9-year jail term for rapist father


A 52-YEAR-OLD Pumula man, who was last week brought before the courts facing allegations of raping his daughter twice and infecting her with HIV, was yesterday slapped with an effective nine-year jail term.


The man appeared before Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo, where he was charged with contravening Section 65 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

However, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison, with five years being suspended on condition that he is not found guilty of a similar crime.

“I never raped my daughter,” he claimed in his defence.

“My wife and I are currently not in good books, so it is a way of getting back at me.”

The man reportedly raped his 17-year-old daughter on two occasions.

On the first count, he allegedly asked his daughter to sweep her brother’s bedroom and he later followed and raped her.

On second count, the man approached his daughter as she was sleeping on the floor with her younger brother and asked her join him in bed and she complied.

On both counts, the juvenile did not report the case to anyone until she visited her mother and told her what was happening.

The mother said that she was disheartened to hear such news and she immediately reported the matter to the police.

“How can someone who knows he is HIV-positive rape his daughter and infect her?” she asked.

“I am so hurt. I hope the justice system would do its best to deal with such inhumanity in our communities.”

Mufaro Mageza prosecuted.