Woman threatens to cut co-wife


A 26-year-old woman, in a polygamous relationship, threatened to cut the senior wife’s private parts and throw them into the river, as she could not stomach her attitude.


Oripa Moyo from Iminyela threatened she stab the senior wife, Olivia Moyo, when they next met.

Oripa and Olivia are married to the same man, but they had differences and were always in conflict while they lived in the same house until the husband decided to separate them.

Oripa appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Chipumha Dube where she was charged for violating Section 88 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

She pleaded guilty to the charge and was slapped with an eight-month jail term, with two months suspended on condition that for three years she is not found guilty of a similar crime.

The remaining six months were suspended on condition that she performs 210 hours of community service at Induba Primary School, starting from Friday.

“I insulted her because she always provoked me,” Oripa said.

“I just cannot produce evidence of her insults in court, but the words that she spoke to me were more abusive than my actual insults,” she explained.

Prosecutor Kenneth Shava told the court that Oripa, being the second wife, went berserk after the husband stayed for long at Olivia’s place without visiting her.

She then sent a message to her husband requesting him to come to her, but it was seen by Olivia, who responded saying “he is not coming anytime soon”.

Oripa then sent abusive messages to Olivia, threatening to cut her privates and to throw them in to a river, so she could change her attitude.

She further told her that she wanted to stab her to death when they met.