Schools must not score below par


MISSION schools have had a large impact on education in this country.

A quick glance at ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level top schools in the last few years would reveal that the “St something” or “X mission” schools always appear toward the apex of the perching order in good results.

Some government schools like Fletcher High, Goromonzi, Plumtree High, Prince Edward, Mzingwane High etc, which in the past were an envy of any student, are now a pale shadow of their former selves.

It is understandable when the government can no longer afford a 20 litre tin of paint to improve a wall of any classroom. With the liquidity crunch choking the government into a perennial coma, it had been left to private schools and colleges to rescue the desperate education system.

A concerned parent would have loved to see an astute Education minister, permanent secretary, director or whoever is responsible for educational standards and excellence, coming up with guidelines to test and monitor licensed institutions.

Responsibility for education and accountability to parents and guardians of learners should be placed against a set standard that should be met.

A bar should be placed for institutions above which they should operate. Failure to measure up to the expectations should lead to an institution losing its licence or being deregistered.

There is no point in private colleges anchoring bad results; they should be at the forefront of producing the best results in the country.

While they invest in best facilities and superior personnel, they should equally invest in best practice and production of best results.

They should not be shielded by the poor results of government schools, but should leave government to roast in its mediocrity.

Best results should be from the private sector, which should make it their business and responsibility to produce them, especially when parents have made it their port of call after such failure by the government to live up to its accountability.

Citizens cannot lose from both ends. Parents must pour in money to get something out of it all unless we have such poor learners attending schools.