Rubber Products property attached over $82k salary debt


WORKERS at Rubber Products Manufacturers in Bulawayo have secured a writ of execution to attach property worth $82 191,38 to recover money they are owed in unpaid salaries and wages dating back to January 2014.


The writ of execution secured from the Bulawayo High Court on February 4 2015 cited Tapiwanashe Mavherudze and 15 others as applicants. The writ authorised the Deputy Sheriff to attach movable property from the company.

“The Sheriff of Zimbabwe or his lawful deputy; you are required and directed to attach and take into execution the movable/immovable property belonging to Rubber Products Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd at number 1 B Dunlop Road, Belmont, in Bulawayo the above mentioned respondent and of the same cause to be realised the sum of $78 054,65 being the amount which the applicants recovered by judgment of this court order dated 13 January 2015 and other charges of the applicants in the said suit to be hereafter duty taxed according to law besides all your costs incurred,” the writ of execution reads.

The initial inventory served to the company by the Deputy Sheriff on February 16 showed that machinery yet to be physically attached is worth $82 074,38.

An additional inventory served to the company on February 19 2015 that shows the Deputy Sheriff charges indicated that property worth $117 was listed.

This makes the total attachment $82 191,38 and the Deputy Sheriff’s fee $4 136,73.

The Deputy Sheriff gave the company the attachment date as today if it fails to settle the amount.

“All goods listed now are under the judicial attachment,” the attachment inventory reads.

Some of the properties listed are office tables and desks, computers, chairs, cookers, cabinets, sand blasting machines, drilling machines and welding machines, among others.

The issue between the 16 workers and Rubber Products Manufacturers arose in January 2014 when management sent staff on leave and promised to pay them every month, but defaulted and instead employed contract workers in their stead.

Workers took the matter up with the Labour ministry for conciliation where the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

The matter was referred to an arbitrator, who on October 14 2014 awarded that the company pay workers a total of $78 054.

However, management failed to comply with the award prompting workers to register the award with the Bulawayo High Court.

High Court judge Justice Andrew Mutema ordered that the arbitral award be registered as an order of the court and the company to pay the cost of the suit.

Workers applied for a writ of execution on January 22 2015 and were granted order to attach the property.

If the company fails to pay workers by today, the attached property would be auctioned off to recover outstanding salaries and if not enough money is raised, more property would be further attached.