A worried generation


It seems like whenever I go and talk to people, young and old, they all express great worry about many things.

Some are so worried to the point of almost losing their mental stability while others are now just grounded and seemingly enslaved to fate.

To others, worry has brought so much fear that, if not checked, they could either commit suicide or harm to others. There is so much distress and panic.

People are worried about welfare issues. Many do not know how they would make it tomorrow. Parents and children alike are uncertain of what tomorrow will be like. Many parents are living in the fear of either not getting paid at work or losing their jobs.

I can’t imagine living a life controlled by circumstances. I shudder to think how many of our people manage to daily find balance in such circumstances.

This kind of worry steals a lot of things in our families and relationships.

Apart from worrying about what to eat, many are worried about their marriages. Is it going to workout or will it fail? Am I still loved or not? Is my husband coming home tonight or not? Many live in this constant fear of losing their marriages or spouses.

Others are worried about what to wear or not to wear. You see we live in a world where appearance is more important than life itself. We live in a world where life is about impressing others at the expense of self.

Most Africans, find their self-worth in material things or appearance, thus, what one wears is seriously important. If you are a young woman these days, you are probably worried more about what not to wear as many judge you by what you are wearing.

You see there is so much pressure that brings so much worry for the people in this generation. If you are a young man and unemployed, you are probably worried that women might not even look at you or want to listen to you because you are not going to be able to offer them anything.

Many people are so much under pressure from many things. Others are under pressure from their own egos and ambitions. It does not matter where you are and who you are, I think you are worried about something. Those in Cabinet are worried they might lose their positions if there was a reshuffle tomorrow.

Those in business are worried they could close anytime. Farmers are worried too. Pastors and bishops are worried people might not be able to tithe or even come back to their congregations.

Some are worried they are ageing and losing their sparkle. In the other world people commit suicide over the fear of getting old.

Some are afraid they are getting old yet they have not accomplished their dreams. You see the curse to be worried is everywhere.

Patients in hospitals are worried they might not get treatment and die. Worry has actually killed many. But should you be worried really?

You see worry is contagious and very infectious. It works like a virus and if you enjoy its deceptive comfort it can destroy you.

Worry is a robber. It steals your time and fills it with not only fear, but with wrong thoughts that you are nothing.

It can make you believe every lie and make you order your life on a lie. You build nothing on a lie. Worry can ground you. It can take you out of your life’s path into the path of hell itself.

Worry destroys you. It destroys your initiative and steals your courage. It could set you against others. I want you to listen to me clearly. Worry is a prison and only you can set you free from its gallows.

If you observe things the way I possibly do, you should be concerned about the path this generation is taking. We seem to be taking a path of destruction. We are walking a path of worry, fear, suspicion, hatred, bitterness, anger, revenge, malice and divination.

I know you might be asking how then we could deal with this. If time allows next week we will look into that. The solution begins with you knowing who you are. Many people are in panic mode now because they have never known themselves and have lived a lie up to now.

You should be dead worried if you are still living your neighbour’s life and not yours. Who you are, plays a great deal in how you handle issues in life.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of the Sex Trap. You can call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or +263 712 384 841.