Entrepreneur sets up school of maids


A GWERU entrepreneur has broken new ground in the tertiary institution business by setting up a school to train maids.


Caroline Mudzingwa said there was need for the country to have professional domestic workers because their trade was more important than what people think.

Mudzingwa said the school, called Perfect Choice Maid, was expected to enrol its first batch of students this month.

“Preparations are now at advanced stages. There are just a few logistics that we are sorting out and the school should be running by the end of March,” said Mudzingwa.

The school will offer a 15-day course after which graduates would be issued with certificates.

“We will be offering a 15-day course and graduates will be issued with certificates at the end of the course,” she said.

She said students would be taught a number of skills such as cooking, house cleaning and the use of electronic cleaning equipment, as well as tips for baby care.

It is necessary, Mudzingwa said, for maids to get proper training, but most people in Zimbabwe do not realise how important it is since a lot of trust is placed on them.

“Most people do not understand the need for trained maids to do everyday duties and trust them to take care of our houses and children. In the developed world, they (maids) are trained and registered with companies,” Mudzingwa added.