Mysterious death shocks residents


A BULAWAYO woman was found dead in her bedroom in Magwegwe North on Sunday morning with bruises all over her body, including the face.


The woman, only identified as NaGawu, was believed to be in her mid-70s.

Her clothes were blood-soaked and neighbours and relatives were visibly shaken by the mysterious death when a Southern Eye crew visited the house.

A neighbour, who declined to be identified, said the deceased seemed well the whole of Saturday.

“She passed by my house that night after we had gone for a funeral in Tshabalala and nothing seemed to be unusual about her behaviour,” said the neighbour.

“We were really shocked when we heard that she had died. She had actually cooked isitshwala for her grandchild and gone to bed on Saturday.

“She died while sleeping, but had bruises on her forehead, which was very disturbing. However, some elders said she might have scratched herself while taking her last breath.”

The neighbour said the police homicide detectives took the woman’s body away to conduct further investigations.

Another neighbour said the grandchild heard some snoring in the house while watching television and never suspected anything.

“The grandchild said they heard her snoring and never suspected that she was taking her last breath,” the neighbour said.

“When he woke up early in the morning and told her that he was going out for work, she did not respond and that is when he realised that she was dead.

“He also could not believe what he was seeing as the old lady had bruises on her face and called neighbours.”

Some superstitious residents, however, suspected that the grandmother’s death was caused by witchcraft because of the mysterious scratches on her face.

“We think she was attacked by goblins since it is strange for a person to wake up with scratches on her face which cannot be explained,” said another neighbour.

The woman’s relatives would not comment while Bulawayo provincial police spokesman Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said he was still awaiting information about the death.