Man discovers landlord is dad


A 29-YEAR-OLD man from Njube suburb was sentenced to an effective nine-month prison term for striking his landlord with a stone, after he discovered that he was actually his biological father.


The tenant, Gift Chingoriyo (29), appeared before the Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Chipumha Dube where he was charged for violating Section 3 (i) (a) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was slapped with a two-month prison sentence, with one month conditionally suspended.

Eight months were added by the magistrate following a previous conviction, where six were suspended last month on condition he was not found guilty of physical abuse after he assaulted a sex worker who demanded payment for her services.

Another two were added after they were suspended for five years on condition that he was not found guilty of any crime involving assault following his conviction in 2013.

Chingoriyo struck his landlord Marven Chikwara with a stone after he discovered that he was his biological father and was making him pay rentals every month.

Prosecutor Sibekithemba Dube told the court that on February 26, Chingoriyo received rentals from all the tenants in the house and went to give it to their landlord.

Before handing it over, the tenant asked Chiwara, the landlord, if persistent rumours that he, Chingoriyo, was his son were true.

“I asked him if he was my biological father and that if he was, why he was making me pay rent at his house,” Chingoriyo told the court.

“I saw it in his eyes that the secret he had been running away from had terrified him and that is when I told him I would take all the tenants rentals and use them as compensation.”

Chiwara admitted he was Chingoriyo’s biological father and that is when all hell broke loose, leading to the estranged son striking his father with a stone on his right arm.

Chiwara reported the matter to the police, leading to his arrest.