Tsvangirai ‘fires’ MPs

MDC Renewal blamed Mr Tsvangirai, who served as prime minister in the coalition government, for its defeat and demanded his resignation.

The MDC-T yesterday served 21 Members of Parliament, who have joined MDC-Renewal, expulsion letters and demanded Parliament should expel them, the latest twist in the opposition battle.


MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwanzora yesterday reportedly officially declared the expulsion of the 21 MPs and senators from the party in letters given to them during a Parliamentary session.

The Speaker of Parliament is expected to make a ruling on the matter, but speculation is that Zanu PF members in the House, backed the MDC-T and wanted them expelled so that by-elections are held.

MDC-Renewal chairperson Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, confirmed that some had received letters, but dismissed the purported expulsion.

“I have not received any letter, but I heard there were such dismissal letters,” he said.

“That is fiction. Can you be fired by an organisation you do not belong to?

“You cannot get a letter from a certain organisation or company saying you have been expelled from your workplace.

“It does not happen that way.”

“That is fiction. Can you be fired by an organisation you do not belong to?"
“That is fiction. Can you be fired by an organisation you do not belong to?”

A defiant Nkomo said they will be in Parliament today, arguing that Mwonzora could not expel them.

“We cannot be fired by an illegitimate secretary-general who does not belong to our party,” he said.

“It’s just daydreaming.

“And also, a decision to expel anyone from Parliament can only be made by the Speaker and not any other MP.”

Nkomo’s wife, Roseline, who said she was in Bulawayo, indicated she had not yet received the letter since she was not in Parliament.

“I have not received the letter. I think they can try that, but we are the ones who expelled them they did not expel us and if they do that I do not think that MDC-T really wants to rule this country because by so doing they will give Zanu PF a chance to have additional seats, unless they are now working with Zanu PF,” she said.

MDC-Renewal spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, accused Mwonzora of lying about writing the expulsion letters and purporting that they were from Parliament.

“No, it’s Mwonzora who wrote the letters, he is lying that they are from Parliament, remember he is in court for writing fake letters,” he said, throwing a low blow at the MDC-T secretary-general.

However, MDC-T organising secretary Abedinico Bhebhe said it was not possible for the MPs to have been expelled yesterday as the Speaker of Parliament was not in attendance.

“It is not possible that they could have been expelled today (yesterday) because the Speaker is not there,” he said.

“He is the only person who can effect the expulsion.”

A total of 21 legislators dumped Tsvangirai’s party and set up MDC-Renewal. Both factions claim to be the legitimate opposition.