Six-year-old sodomised?

A six-year-old boy, who was allegedly sodomised by a Gweru Polytechnic college student, has instead said the student pricked him with a stick he was using to fix his car.


Phineas Sithole appeared before regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire last Friday charged with aggravated indecent assault after he allegedly sodomised the boy.

Testifying in camera at the Gweru Victim Friendly Court yesterday, the juvenille said Sithole called him to his car and pricked him with a stick.

The boy, however, said Sithole did not undress him and assaulted him with a stick while he was fully dressed.

The boy’s testimony was inconsistent with the police statement that he was sodomised by the student. Earlier on, Sithole had told the court that the boy’s father had falsely incriminated him because he was failing to pay the $10 he owed for maintenance work on his car.

The State will present its closing submissions today. Allegations are that on September 18 2014 and at around mid-morning, Sithole was at a house in Mambo suburb, Gweru, with the complainant.

He allegedly called the boy into his car where he allegedly forced him to lie on his stomach before covering the child’s mouth with a hand and sodomising him.

When the boy’s mother returned from church at around midday she found him reclining in the kitchen and looking worried.

When she asked what was wrong with him, the boy first said he had a headache but, upon further probing, he revealed that Sithole had sodomised him.

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