Disband SRC: Parliament


PARLIAMENT yesterday called for the disbandment of the current Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) board in light of challenges bedevilling sports in Zimbabwe.


This was revealed in a report presented at the National Assembly by acting chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport, Arts and Culture Oliver Mandipaka on the state of sports in Zimbabwe.

The committee recommended auditing of Zifa, Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) and Zimbabwe Rugby Union books.

“The committee calls for the disbandment of the current SRC board to be replaced with a new one that incorporates sports knowledge and professionalism to develop sports in the country,” MPs said.

“The committee calls for an audit on ZC, Zifa, and Zimbabwe Rugby books, and Zifa elections must be held under the auspices of people with previous experience in the holding of national elections so that issues of transparency, a free and fair election give a good image of the association to get corporate sponsorship.”

The committee called for prosecution of individuals caught on the wrong side of the law for their participation in the Asiagate match-fixing scandal so that a clear message is sent that matchfixing cannot be accepted.

“Parliament and the Sport, Arts and Culture ministry must enact legislation that prohibits match-fixing.

On stadia, the report said: “Local Government ministry must surrender all sporting facilities like stadiums and swimming pools to the Sport, Arts and Culture ministry so that the Sports ministry will manage the day to day sporting facilities and see to it that there is maximum use.

“There is need for the Sport, Arts and Culture ministry to put a framework to monitor accountability within the national sporting associations and affiliates. The government must set up an anti-doping agency to assist in keeping players free from taking drugs.”

Other recommendations were that local coaches must be promoted as well as ensuring there was establishment of a national sports policy to assist all stakeholders to attain success by promoting sports development.

“The Finance ministry must help national associations such as ZC, Zifa and Zimbabwe Rugby with grants so that they host many tours as they contribute to the marketing of Zimbabwe as a safe tourism destination. The companies involved in sport must be given tax incentives so that they continue supporting the development of sports,” the MPs said

The committee said there must be reduction in local authority levies as the 20% currently charged by local authorities was affecting the existence of clubs.

“The committee recommends reduction of SRC and Zifa levies as the clubs are double-taxed by paying the 6% of gross earning levies to the two sporting bodies,” the report added.