Seputla Sebogodi in love, in trouble


Johannesburg – Ex-Generations star Seputla Sebogodi (Sibusiso Dlomo) has love troubles again.

Failed marriages and two broken engagements; actor Sebogodi’s love life is a mess.

Sebogodi’s 21-year-old ex-fiancé revealed to Drum magazine the actor is controlling and jealous.

Speaking to the magazine Khanyisile Zuma revealed that the actor dumped her after promising to pay lobola for her.

Zuma explained that at first Sebogodi was charming and romantic, but all of that changed when she moved in with him.

Even though Sebogodi was twice her age, Zuma said she thought that she had found true love.

Apparently he would accuse her of flirting with other men, stop her from wearing “skimpy” clothing and watched her every move.

To make matters worse, he allegedly called her family to arrange lobola negotiations, but failed to pitch up.

“I don’t want anything to do with that man. I hate him, he’s evil and I will never forgive him for what he did to my family,” Zuma’s mom told the magazine.

–Sunday World


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