Please save us from sodomy: Prisoner


A RAPE suspect yesterday revealed the extent of homosexuality in prisons, claiming other inmates proposed love to fellow inmates with the intention of engaging in homosexuality, while prison officials turned a blind eye to rampant gay relations.


The suspect, Munyaradzi Nyoni, revealed that if newer inmates dared spurn the proposals, they were threatened with death, confined within the prison and in some extreme cases, their meals were laced with poison.

Nyoni, in revealing the extent of sodomy and homosexuality in prison, shocked the courts when he asked the magistrate if he looked like a woman because he was worried as he had been proposed to by other inmates.

“Do I look like a woman or am structured like one?” he asked.

“I am worried that prison officials are aware that senior convicts sodomise other inmates and they don’t take action to stop that.”

Nyoni sarcastically told the magistrate that maybe sodomy had been legalised in prison and only they had not been told about it.

“Maybe sodomy was legalised in prison without our consent, but if it wasn’t, the justice system should do something about it,” he said.

Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo promised the prisoner that he would institute full investigations concerning homosexuality in prison cells.

“I will look seriously into the case since we have been notified of what has been happening in the prisons cells of late,” he said.

A prison officer, however, told the Southern Eye that they had heard reports of homosexuality in prison, but it was difficult to stem the practice as in some cases prisoners would be in agreement and the sex would be consensual.

“We are always alert, but most of the time individuals do it in agreement when we are all asleep,” he said.

“The prison cannot allow such acts, but prisoners or victims choose not to report such cases.”

Nyoni is on remand after he allegedly raped a minor and is waiting for a trial date at Bulawayo’s Tredgold Magistrates’ Courts.

He was not asked to plead, but was remanded in custody to April 8.


  1. We are always alert, but most of the time individuals do it in agreement when we are all asleep,” he said.

    how do u sleep when you are supposed to be on duty

  2. i will make sure all those involved in that act are going to be punished accordingly including those prisoners who are alert about the issue

  3. His next trial date is set for my birthday. A custodial sentence for this toddler rapist would be a satisfying present for me on my special day. That way, with all those sodomites chasing after him, the man will have a taste of his own medicine!

  4. Yes, oh yes, if this is not poetic justice, I dont know what it is? This man is tasting his own medicine indeed. And for raping a small toddler, now its his turn to squat, bend and dunusa and get lampooned by all shapes of penile sizes from all angles, kkkkk. He really deserves it, yeah.

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