“Please, I am now tired of contesting and also being in active politics . . . let others take part,” Politburo member Sikhanyiso Ndlovu

Reports that I said I was tired and retiring from active politics and that I was once associated with the Joice Mujuru faction are mischievous, a stretch of the imagination and a misrepresentation of facts. You only have to read reports of April 8 2015 to get the proper statement on my withdrawing from contesting in the primaries in Mpopoma-Pelandaba by-elections not from politics, in my letter to the Zanu PF acting chairman.

The withdrawal was only from contesting in primary elections not from “active politics” and a commitment to campaign for all Zanu PF candidates to win elections against imperialist-sponsored MDC-T, MDC-W and MDC-Renewal formations. Where does the “tired” business come from as I will be energetically campaigning for five candidates rather than for myself only?

The reporter had come to witness the graduation of computer trainees from Mpopoma Constituency Development Centre which has trained and placed hundred of youths in employment in Zimbabwe, in Sadc and abroad.

He did not say anything about that graduation. In politics you do not get tired, but you may give the young an opportunity with proper guidance while concentrating on other major national political areas.

Politics is my life blood as a revolutionary since the ’50s.

Take away politics from my blood and bones then you would be killing me. This is what the reporter is trying to do.

For the reporter to allege that I was once suspected of links to ousted vice-president Mujuru and hence fell out of grace from President Robert Mugabe is again far from the truth.

The president appointed me to the central committee and to the politburo at congress, which is a sign of confidence in me and in my political calibre, which is God-given.

It is a surprise and a joke to say I was alleged to have links with ousted Mujuru.

How could I as former nationalist and revolutionary of ANC 1957 before Mujuru was born, NDP 1960 and 1961 Zapu and in detention and prison 1964 to 1965, deputy executive secretary for PF Zapu election directorate and secretary for PF Zapu central committee election directorate, unity negotiations committee member, deputy minister and Cabinet minister, founder and chief executive director of Zdceco Group of Colleges having educated a million students since independence and now working on Zimbabwe University Without Walls? I am not a joiner of politics, but one of the founding nationalists and liberation revolutionaries.

The Unity Agreement signed by late Joshua Nkomo and Mugabe is still unflinchingly alive and I am still committed to it.

Mugabe may have been deserted by his former trusted colleagues from former Zanu, but we former PF Zapu remain solidly behind the president governed by revolutionary founding principles not governed by political expedience as Kwame Nkrumah used to say.

Mugabe is a living epitome of that unity. I am a living former PF Zapu epitome. Unity was urged by Nkomo on his death bed, to keep and support Mugabe.

I would like to stress in unequivocal terms that I have not retired from active politics. I am still active in politics through the politburo and in national development through ZimAsset and in education and party mobilisation to remove the last vestiges of opposition MDC-T formations.

I am always ready to share my encyclopaedic political experience with all people of Zimbabwe.

Sikhanyiso Duke Ndlovu
Diploma. Social Work, BA Sociology
Master of Public Administration
Doctor of Education (EdD) 1976
Veteran nationalist and educationist
Current Zanu PF central committee/politburo member
Former political detainee in Gonakudzingwa 1964 with Dr Joshua Nkomo, Chinamano, Madzimbamuto, Msika, CCG Ngcebetsha etc
Director education in PF Zapu-Zipra refugee camps in Zambia
Former PF Zapu central committee member and Deputy executive secretary for PF Zapu 1980 elections directorate
Former deputy minister Higher and Tertiary Education and former Minister of Information and Publicity
Former Zanu PF national secretary for education in the politburo