Delani Makhalima meets African Union

Delani Makhalima

DELANI MAKHALIMA was invited to be part of a roundtable discussion by African Union Social Affairs director, ambassador Owalale Malyegun, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, yesterday to discuss use of music, culture and entertainment as tool for the development of a new Africa.


In an interview with the Southern Eye Lifestyle, Makhalima – a member of All Africa Music Awards (Afrima) – said the discussion was with the AU representatives and the international committee of Afrima and focused on platforms, systems and tools that would enhance African music business.

Delani Makhalima
Delani Makhalima

“The discussions with the AU committee were designed to get commitment from African governments to embrace the music industry as a business and establish the government’s role to ensure economic growth in this sector across the continent.

“We in the music business are focused in seeing music entertainment and culture contributing towards Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP). Our leaders and governments in Africa have crucial roles to play in making this happen,” he said.

He said apart from the roundtable discussion, a world press conference will be conducted to unveil the Afrima 2015 calendar and present trophies to last year’s winners.

Afrima in partnership with the AU committee, commenced last year, with over 32 leading African musicians being awarded the most prestigious African music accolade.

“Afrima awards are designed to celebrate the diversity of Africa music and reinforce a positive image of Africa and its people globally,” Makhalima said.

Makhalima, notably one of the Africa’s most successful music producers and radio presenters is founder and executive director of MusiXNation.

MusiXNation is a South Africa-based African music entertainment platform that collects and distributes content to music lovers and fans via mobile, broadcast, retail and online channels.

“Our role is to promote African musicians. We support Afrima, the AU committee and moves that seek to empower the industry, artistes and stakeholders.

The music industry is a business and there is need to ensure that the right systems are put in place so it begins to contribute significantly towards Africa’s GDP and economic empowerment to artistes and music industry beneficiaries,” he added.