Jay Z and Beyoncé sticking together because of business?


HIP HOP super couple Jay Z and Beyoncé have encountered more rumoured problems in their marriage, this time it’s speculated that it would be hard for the couple to split because of their joint business ventures.

An anonymous source has revealed that the marriage strife is hard to resolve when business is such a great part of their marriage.

“Somewhere along the way, their marriage has also become a business deal. They’re tied into so many deals and contracts, they can’t just go their separate ways” the source told Heat in America.

“They’re joint investors in Tidal, they’re making a joint album and I think they’re announcing another joint tour, which will happen in 2016/2017.”

Things don’t seem to be peachy as the couple conveys on their social networks, according to the source.

“They’re going on all these public dates and she’s Instagramming their ‘perfect’ holidays, but the reality is, their lives can be quite separate, and like any other couple, they’ll sometimes sleep in separate bedrooms,” the source continued.

Bey’s cousin Shanica Knowles has also also come out to the publication to reveal that the couple do not speak about the elevator incident last year when Solange lashed out at her brother-in-law.

“They don’t even mention the elevator incident anymore. It hasn’t been spoken about and everyone has moved on from it,” Knowles said.

– Radar Online