Three pillars to the top

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Your leadership and personal success is anchored on others.

You can’t be at the top alone.

You need help and you need it every time. If your goal does not involve someone, it might be very small.

There are three important factors you should observe as you climb the ladder of leadership — the people that hold the ladder (team players, followers or people that help you achieve the goal), the ground where the ladder stands (your personal capacity and mental aptitude) and the hall on which the ladder leans (mentors, coaches and advisers).

The first pillar
The people that surround you are important.

They either add or take value from you. You should stick with people that will stretch you to think more.

Create an inner cycle that will help you to the top. There are people that will never celebrate your success.

In fact, they are always trying to bring down the ladder these people should never be part of the inner cycle.

Some people are leeches, they such all the what you have. They have what I love to call the gimme spirit.

They always want something from you — your money, you hand and your help, but they can’t do that to you.

The second pillar
The second pillar is you.

As an individual, it’s either you are flying or falling! Failure has no sympathy.

It does not matter how hard you cry, crave, complain, castigate; if you don’t respect the laws of success and leadership you will fail. Your mind is so powerful and has led you to where you are now.

Use it productively and positively. There are things you can’t change; so are some people.

The only person I can change with great success is ME, I, and MYSELF.

What value do you place on yourself? It is easier again to see yourself as useless than you will see yourself useful.

The value of a thing is determined by its creator and not other people.

How have you measured yourself in life? Are you measuring yourself against other people?

Are you measuring yourself using your failures in life? This is the time you have to rewire your thinking, measure yourself against the mind of your Maker.

God has put potential, possibilities and power in you and that should be the yardstick to use to measure yourself.

Youths have had the most problem in that regard and that is the reason they are the most hit by peer pressure.

“I can’t do my stuff because it’s not done by others! I am doing this because it’s in vogue, everyone else is doing it!” Mediocre thinking! Your real value should determine your behaviour.

There is no other Jonah like me that ever existed. My fingerprints are different from all other people’s, so why should I try to conform.

It is no wonder why some people behave the way they do.

For example, you are a young man or woman and you cannot even count the number of people that you have had sexual encounters with.

The problem at times is not your sex drive, but the price tag you have placed on your life.

You cannot say you are of top value while you allow every Jack and Jill to fondle your body.

Let me show you one thing to prove the point: The most expensive mineral like gold is not everywhere and is not touched by everyone.

Why? It is expensive! Then why are you touched by everyone? Begin to rethink this and place an expensive price tag on your life. Value yourself!

The third pillar
Your greatness should be encored on professional people that have experience.

You must pay for professional advisors, coaches and even mentors. What you are dreaming of, someone has at one time succeeded in it.

Parting Point: The quote of the week will motivate you to enlarge your personal capacity and growth.

Zig Ziglar once said: “Rich people have small TVs and big libraries and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”

Think about that!
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