Insiza MPs dismiss marginalisation claims


INSIZA South MP Malaki Nkomo has told villagers complaining that locals are being sidelined in employment of civil servants to send their children to school.


Nkomo said the government was forced to recruit from outside the district because locals did not have relevant qualifications.

The MP was reacting to complaints by locals that they were sidelined in terms of jobs and land distribution.

Thokozisi Malunda, a villager from Insiza North, told Southern Eye that the majority of civil servants were from outside the district and that outsiders dominated the lands committee.

“It is painful that the people in the government offices are not from the region and this has resulted in them giving land to their brothers and sisters at the expense of locals,” he said.

“We are not saying people must not settle here from other regions, but it must be a fraction and not what is actually on the ground in Insiza North.”

However, Nkomo said it was not the government’s fault that the majority of civil servants were not locals.

He said traditional leader Chief Maduna was leading a campaign to encourage people in his constituency to value education.

“People in our district are not qualified to be in the government offices as a few are educated,” he said.

“Chief Maduna, with the local leadership, has since visited several wards under his jurisdiction telling parents to send their children to school so that they may fill in the vacancies that may arise within government departments in the district.”

Insiza North MP Andrew Langa said the recruitment of civil servants and allocation of land in the district was done above board.

“The recruitment of civil servants in the country is straight-forward and the government only responds to those who would have applied,” he said.

“On the issue of resettlement, we are all Zimbabweans and as such, people settle where ever they want to, although first preference is given to locals.”

Insiza has been dogged by allegations of corruption in the allocation of land and some Zanu PF officials were recently arrested for allegedly selling land.