Zimbabweans reduced to sellers and buyers — trade unionist


ZIMBABWE’S collapsing economy has reduced citizens into a nation of sellers and buyers, a trade unionist has said.

by Stephen Chadenga

College Lecturers’ Association of Zimbabwe president David Dzatsunga said there was little to celebrate on Workers’ Day as company closures had rendered may people jobless.

Since being re-elected in 2013, President Robert Mugabe has struggled to right the country’s comatose economy with the government’s ZimAsset economic blueprint failing to take off due to lack of funding.

Zanu PF’s promises of two million new jobs have failed to materialise in an economy with an estimated 80% unemployment.

“There is a sense of doom among workers and there is little to celebrate,” Dzatsunga told a small crowd of workers at Stanley Primary School grounds in Gweru last Friday.

“We are living the reality of an economy that is on a free fall turning us into vendors with more sellers than buyers.”

He said even college graduates were selling airtime and tomatoes in the streets despite the heavy investment to educate them.

Dzatsunga, who was guest speaker at the Lovemore Matombo-led Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) International Workers’ Day commemorations, attributed the low attendance by workers to economic hardships.

He said the split of the labour union was not helping workers in anyway.

There are currently two unions one led by Matombo with the main rival ZCTU led by George Nkiwane.