Fight over a woman turns nasty


A VICTORIA Falls man allegedly assaulted his friend when he caught him with his wife after the two had been drinking beer together at a bar, a magistrate heard on Tuesday.

By Ruth Ngwenya

Victor Jinde (32), a Stanley and Livingstone Hotel employee, told the court that he was provoked to act violently by his friend Trevor Johnson (56) of Lampard Constructions when he appeared before magistrate Sharon Rosemani facing charges of assault and theft.

“We were drinking beer together at the bar and he left me there,” he said.

“I later left the bar and went to my wife’s place and to my surprise, l found Johnson there.”

Jinde and Johnson shared a house at Aerodrome. The accused said he and his wife were separated, but they were trying to resolve their
differences, which Johnson knew about.

“I asked him what he was doing at my wife’s place and he could not give me any explanation. Rather he became violent and tried to run away,” Jinde said.

“He is the one who assaulted me first and I fought defending myself.”

Prosecutor Takunda Ndovorwi told the court that on May 6 at 9pm, Johnson was at his girlfriend’s house in Aerodrome when Jinde arrived.
The two had a misunderstanding over the girlfriend.

Jinde got angry and assaulted Johnson all over his body several times using a wooden stick, leading to the victim sustaining serious injuries on his arms, legs and eyes.

“Jinde then took a Samsung phone and $20 from Johnson’s pocket and went away,” Ndovorwi said.

“He, however, gave Johnson his phone back the following day after he had reported the case.”

The value of stolen property was $45 and $25 was recovered.

“I did not steal his phone. After he ran away, I started looking for my spectacles and I came across his phone. I gave him his phone the following day after work,” Jinde said.

He was remanded out of custody to May 26 on $50 bail.