Female jazz artistes rock Bulawayo


BULAWAYO reverberated to sounds of female jazz artistes on Thursday night at an event at Indaba Book Café.



Langa Ndlovu, Zanele “Uza” Manhenga, Pinky and Nana put up splendid performances.

The female artistes put up a polished act, which was well received and appreciated by the audience.

They we cheered time and again by a jam packed audience that sang along with them.

The show dubbed “Umuzi Wezintombi” was an open mic sessio,n which saw the four female artistes exhibiting their talents to revellers.

Manhenga, one of the event organisers, said the platform has been designed for women to display their talents in Bulawayo.

It is earmarked for positive and productive growth in the arts.

“I believe this platform is one of the most positive steps for us because it would allow us female artistes to grow and be recognised,” she said.

The platform is especially for female artistes because there has been a dearth of female participation in the music industry.

“In our platform we encourage all women to come forward and exhibit their skills and talents.

This will create a good image about women in the arts especially in Bulawayo where most people have viewed women as not belonging having selected music because of supposed unacceptable behaviour or some kind of failure.

“Women need to tell the world that Bulawayo has talented women and they have not been active for a while because of stereotypes that are attached to them.

So through our platform, Umuzi Wezintombi, we will continue appealing to the public so that people would know that we are skilled and useful to society.

“We will be lining up more performances and we shall continue inviting women artistes.

When we talk of art in Bulawayo we are not limiting ourselves to music, but we include poetry all the way to sculptor.

As long as you are woman artist, we need you,” Manhenga added.