Abafana bakaMzilikazi date Zimbabwe

Abafana baka mzilikazi
Abafana baka mzilikazi

South Africa-based maskandi group Abafana bakaMzilikazi known for electrifying stage performances will stage gigs in Kezi, Maphisa and Tsholotsho from June 6.


The group will be managed by Beven Tshuma together with sponsor Lindiwe Sibanda.

Speaking to Southern Eye Lifestyle one of the show organisers Tsampani Events Management co-ordinator, Future Moyo, said this would be first show organised by Tsampani.

“We are new promoters though not new as practising artistes. This would be our first show organised under Tsampani Events Management. Our aim is to link artistes, fans and promoters to facilitate the professionalisation of their works,” he said.

Moyo, Rainbow Province Arts Festival director, added that the shows will be free.

“The first show will kick off in Maphisa business centre from 10am till late on June 6 and the next day performance will be at Tsholotsho business centre,” he said. “The shows will be free since the main aim is to promote music and get some insight from fans at home at the same time sharing arts experiences from the Diaspora in order to encourage upcoming artistes.”

Abafana music caters for all ages and tastes. That has seen the group singing about a variety of themes ranging from social issues, history, religion, love and positive messages of hope, morality and spiritual elevation.

Fronted by lead vocalist Doit Nkomo, the band has three albums under its belt – Hlehlani Bafana, Ungababona Njani? and Intandane.

The group’s fundamental policy is to groom other artistes.