The father’s heart is the gateway to the family

Beloved, fatherhood is about protecting the family. Fatherhood is about leadership in the family and we lead the family towards success and goodness.
Beloved, fatherhood is about protecting the family. Fatherhood is about leadership in the family and we lead the family towards success and goodness.

As we celebrate Father’s Day this month, let us take time to reflect on a few critical issues on fatherhood.

By Kilton Moyo

You do not need to be a prophet to know and see that fatherhood these days is so compromised and passive such that the family and the nation are afflicted. Since the day the first husband, Adam, chose to remain passive and not correct his wife as she took and ate of the forbidden tree, fatherhood has been in that mode, allowing anything and everything to happen to the family they are supposed to defend and protect.

Worse with the rise of humanism, fathers have become spectators and willing partners in the destruction of the family and their offspring.

Very few of us can still stand and chart the way for our families as fathers. We have relegated that crucial responsibility to schools, churches, media, peers and others. We are there, but very passive and we just watch and hide behind so many excuses.

What is this fear all about? Fatherhood is more than that biological function. Fatherhood is a huge responsibility that demands total commitment and sacrifice. Any living male species can biologically reproduce.

However, with humanity, once you exercise your biological gift, you then graduate to the highest call of responsibility called fatherhood. It is this call and responsibility that many of us reject and have messed up. I am writing to fathers today so we can just sit back, reflect and rededicate ourselves to a better fatherhood our nation needs so much.

The father’s heart opens the gates to whatever comes into the family. You are probably asking yourself what has happened to your family, it is possible you let it in as a father.

Whatever, is in your heart as a father will manifest in the family. A lot of us fathers have opened up our families to a lot of horrible spirits, sicknesses, poverty and many more.

Instead of taking our families to God, the Creator of the family, we have sacrificed our families to idolatry, witchcraft, corruption and many more.

Beloved, fatherhood is about protecting the family. Fatherhood is about leadership in the family. We lead the family towards success and goodness. Some of us as fathers, have become a danger to the family. We are violent. We beat up our wives and molest our children.

We do not care about the welfare of our families and we have subjected them to so much torture and pain.

Is this the really call of fatherhood? I want to believe that the father’s heart is important here. What is in your heart as a father? What drives you as a father? What is your plan or vision for your family as a father?

How do you lead one of creation’s most important and powerful institutions when you have no vision for it? Where are you taking these people to and what will you say to God about them?

Stand up for your family in times such as these. I like Joshua in Joshua 24:15 when he declared in public his desire as a father for his household. He said: “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

I think this is the kind of fatherhood we are looking for in this generation. Clear, frank and convicted on where the family is headed to.

Serve your family
Our role as fathers is to demonstrate the heart of God to our families. We serve. God’s style of leadership is of serving and shepherding the flock. In the kingdom of God, leaders serve and shepherd and not the way we do these days.

It is heartbreaking to see the church also corrupting the leadership model Christ gave us. These days leadership is served instead of it serving. This goes even to our families where fathers demand to be served instead of them serving and looking after the family.

Prioritise your family
It is God first and then your family is second. At least a normal father knows and accepts this. However, many of us prioritise other things more than our families. One reason why the family is under pressure is absent fatherhood.

Present but absent in service and responsibility. When you prioritise your family, you will protect them, lead them, train them and love them above all things.

Celebrate your family
No one else will do it for you. Be a proud father of your family despite the shortcomings. You will never get a perfect family in all the earth. Make yours the best. Be a proud father.

Above all, be a blessing to your family as a father.
Strive to leave a great legacy. Do not give up on your efforts, fatherhood is demanding and you need the Spirit of the Lord to help you through. Guard your heart. Happy Fathers’ Day to us all fathers.

Kilton Moyo writes in his own capacity as pastor, counsellor and author of The Sex Trap. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207, +263 772 610 103 or +263 712 384 841.