Prisoners acquitted in sodomy case


Two WhaWha prisoners accused of gagging a fellow inmate with a towel before one of them sexually assaulted him were yesterday acquitted of sodomy charges.

By Stephen Chadenga

Donald Nyahuma (36) and Tafadzwa Shumba (27) had appeared before regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing charges of aggravated indecent assault after they allegedly connived to sodomise a fellow prisoner.

Nemadire, however, ruled that the medical report did not show evidence that the complainant had been sodomised before acquitting the two accused prisoners.

The State had alleged that on February 23 last year at around 11am, Nyahuma sent Shumba to lure the complainant to his cell.

Nyahuma allegedly instructed Shumba to stand guard at the cell door and alert him of any approaching inmates or prison officers.

He used a towel to gag the complainant while he pinned him down before sodomising him.

Nyahuma then instructed Shumba to open the cell door before releasing him. Later in the day, the complainant told a fellow inmate that he had been sodomised.

The inmate informed prison officers leading to the arrest of the accused persons.