16 years on: 8 Joshua Nkomo visionary quotes


“I write because I feel that our country is in danger of complete disintegration, to the detriment of all its citizens now living and of generations to come,” Joshua Nkomo wrote to then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe in 1983.

Nkomo died in 1999 after a long battle with cancer. In the 1980s he spoke passionately about where he thought the wheels were coming off in newly independent Zimbabwe.

Below are some of his visionary quotes, which are still relevant today, as the country battles political and economic decline.



  1. How true! Sengathi ukhehla wayefikelwa. All he said is right there for everyone to see. We still have the ‘pasi’ thing day in day out hence we have some people believing that they are first citizens and abanye abantu are second citizens. The comment in the Chronicle yesterday left me with no doubt that the grand plan is in fact very well oiled yet abantu bakithi subscribe to it as if they are blind folded

  2. Uqinisile mntasekhaya, izwelikhethabantu. Pity abantu bakithi dont even see theres a conspiracy against them & they fraternise with the enemy.

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