‘Coalition the only way to defeat Zanu PF’

Gorden Moyo
Gorden Moyo

MDC Renewal international relations secretary Gorden Moyo says opposition parties will never unseat Zanu PF unless they put aside their differences and jointly fight the ruling party as a united front.


The former MDC-T Makokoba legislator said this during a Bulawayo Agenda-organised political parties’ debate in Bulawayo last Thursday.

He accused Zanu PF of destroying the economy, adding it was high time leading personalities in opposition parties set aside their egos and allow for a united front to unseat Zanu PF.

“The only solution to all problems plaguing Zimbabwe is to get rid of Zanu PF because the problems bedevilling this country are a result of poor leadership. We need a new leadership,” Moyo said.

Efforts to unite opposition parties have failed due to personal differences between their leaders who once worked together to form the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change before it split several times.

Recent reports have indicated that talks to unite the MDC-Renewal and Welshman Ncube’s MDC suffered a stillbirth as infighting gripped both parties.

Analysts have also argued opposition parties will not unseat Zanu PF unless they forged an alliance.

However, the reverse has happened with the recent split being former Energy minister Elton Mangoma who decided to go separate ways with the MDC-Renewal over a “sex scandal”.

“The biggest problem in opposition parties is the question of egos. These have to be set aside if real unity is to be achieved for us to work together towards removing Zanu PF and delivering change to the people of Zimbabwe,” Moyo said.

MDC secretary-general Moses Mzila-Ndlovu and Binga South legislator (MDC-T Gabbuza Joel Gabuza weighed in saying corruption had entrenched Zanu PF hence the ruling party’s lack of interest in solving the economic crisis.

“The problem with our economy is terrible leadership and politicians who are greedy. Zanu PF is not interested in solving the economic crisis because they want to continue looting State resources,” Gabuza said.

Mzila Ndlovu added: “The problem in this country is not so much about the economy. As long as there is poverty, Zanu PF will be in power for a very long time.”

But Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo called on the opposition to stop complaining and bring ideas to the table to help the economy move forward.

“I am interested in the ideas that the opposition parties have that are better than what we have. We have ZimAsset and investors are coming into the country. I have inquiries on a daily basis in my ministry. In fact, the opposition must stop whining and come on board.

This is not a Zanu PF economy. It is for Zimbabweans all of us. It is how other countries move forward than just continue to moan and complain as these parties do,” Khaya-Moyo said.


  1. Coalition with whom when you are busy disintegrating political parties over trivial and petty differences? I am so disappointed with local opposition leadership. You are all so selfish and directionless. Nxa

  2. action not words work, mr moyo. idivide and rule strategy kamugabe you guys are failing to read. so bad to be lead by you guys.

  3. Mr Moyo, do you think zimbabweans are fools?Why would you split parties only to come back and call for a coalition?It simply means all this is about positions.

  4. Zanu PF will be disintegrating within itself , there is no opposition in Zimbabwe, that is the reason it is still in power. Why, because the opposition leaders are afraid of mass action and strikes to force this regime to do the reforms, they fear being arrested. Zanu PF has a lot to lose they will not reform unless forced to do so through mass action. Those Opposition leaders who claim that they are popular must use that support because their power is the people.

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