Citizens question Supreme Court ruling

Thembinkosi Ncube
Hope Mwale
Hope Mwale

MANY EMPLOYEES are crying foul after the Supreme Court ruling on Friday last week that employers can serve workers three-month dismissal notices and fire them without benefits.


The court ruling has put employees at the mercy of employers and within a week of the ruling, thousands have been served with three-month notices. The court ruling has not looked at the worker since employers can now use employees and throw them away willy-nilly.

Southern Eye news crew went around asking people’s views about the ruling.

Hope Mwale of Barham Green, Bulawayo, said the ruling was inhuman and has put many people‘s jobs at risk since the employer can do anything he or she wants with workers.

Thembinkosi Ncube
Thembinkosi Ncube

“It is inhuman; it does not consider the worker. They could just use workers and throw them away. It has to be a win-win situation for everyone. This type of ruling is a first one of its kind. I think it needs to be revised,” Mwale said.

The Supreme Court ruling, Thembinkosi Ncube of Makokoba said, has made life difficult for many employees.

“It is not right and they have begun to fire employees without benefits. The government must stop this inhuman behaviour. Yes, there are no jobs, but this type of firing employee is not welcome and it will lead to demonstrations.

I have never heard of this in any country. Was it what our brothers fought for? I doubt it and I think this must be a political decision. This means everyone will be fired within the year end including civil servants. This country is going crazy,” Ncube said.