‘Corrupt’ Zanu PF executive ousted

Grace Mugabe

ZANU PF’s Bulawayo youth executive has been ousted on charges of corruption, extortion and tarnishing the image of President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.


A vote of no confidence was passed against youth chairperson, Khumbulani Mpofu and his executive, by district chairpersons during a meeting held at the party’s offices, at Davies Hall on Wednesday.

Zanu PF district chairpersons accused Mpofu and his executive of corruption and using the party name to extort already struggling companies of monies, groceries and fuel, which they later shared and pocketed.

One of the letters signed by Bulawayo youth executive commissar, Boniface Mutsure, dated July 29 addressed to the business community showed that the youths demanded money from local companies to fund a trip to Harare.

“We once again come to your good office asking for a donation of $500,” reads part of the letter.

“The money will cater for our comrades who are going for a central committee meeting to be held in Harare on 30 July. Your helping hand will be appreciated.”

On June 16 Mpofu wrote another letter to the local business community asking for money for an event in Harare.

“This letter serves to request for donations to cover transport and logistical costs for the above mentioned function to be held on the 17th of June at Parliament Building,” he wrote. “Your usual co-operation will be greatly appreciated.”

In other letters, the youth chairperson and his executive asked for “logistics to travel to Harare to attend Zanu PF youth functions” while in others they demand fuel and food.

According to the Zanu PF district chairpersons, the “illegal” requests cannot be allowed to continue, hence the vote of no confidence against Mpofu and his team.

“They are very corrupt and tarnish the image of Zanu PF, the President and Amai (Grace) who are against corruption. We are saying we cannot be represented by thieves anymore,” one of the district chairpersons said.

Mpofu denied charges of corruption and accused district chairpersons of being bogus. Mpofu said he was not stepping down despite attempts to oust him and his team.

“I am in charge and not going anywhere. I am still working for the party and the President,” he said.

“In any case, if there are problems, there are channels for dealing with them and not through the Press.

“I stand with the President and would not hesitate to report to the leadership and the President such characters (district executives) causing confusion.”

This is not the first time Zanu PF faced charges of extortion.

Zanu PF Harare provincial youth chair, Godwin Gomwe, is on trial over similar charges.


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