R30 000 stolen clothes recovered


Johannesburg — Five Zimbabwean men tried fleeing when they failed to bribe a policeman who had found a consignment of stolen clothing in their vehicle at a Limpopo roadblock early yesterday.

Police were conducting a routine stop and search on the N1 in the Makhado region when they stopped the black Ford with five men.

“During the search they found a lot of clothes with new price tags on them,” said spokesperson Constable Irene Radzilane.

The men could not explain to whom the clothes, worth R30 000, belonged and tried bribing the police officers to turn a blind eye. When their offer was refused, the five hot-footed it away from their loot, but were caught.

Police linked the clothing to a burglary at the Olive Tree clothing shop the night before. The men did not possess weapons at the time of arrest, but were found to be from Zimbabwe and could also not produce documents allowing them to be in the country.

For this reason, they will also face charges under the Immigration Act. — online