Put your house in order


In Isaiah 38 God sends His prophet Isaiah to King Hezekiah with a message. “Put your house in order, for you shall die and not live.” The king immediately turns his face towards God and prays and his life is extended by 15 years.


His speedy response in evaluating the meaning of his life in terms of worshiping God is amazing and the moment He worships, life is extended. This is not my interest today but I want us to focus on our houses. It is every father’s duty to put their house in order.

I am not suggesting that you are dying, but I need you to understand the need of always having your house in order. I think it is lack of wisdom for anyone of us to leave their family in disarray because, while they had life, they were preoccupied by other things and forgot the real thing, their family. I am saying to all fathers who will read this article; consider putting your house in order sir while you still have time. How do I do this, you may ask?

●Psalm 127:1. “If God doesn’t build a house, the builders only build shacks.” (The Message Bible). The first step you take in putting order in your house is to allow God, to build your house. Whatever is born of God overcomes the world. Beloved, the family world over is faced with serious storms and only what God has built will last.

A shack is built of temporary things. It is also temporary. It is built of valueless things. It is an illegal structure built on illegal land. Surely you do not want to waste your energy building a family with temporary things on illegal land and all that. You do not want to leave your family in a temporary state. While you still have energy, beloved, take your family to God, the expert builder of families and let Him build yours. When the storms of life come, yours shall remain standing after each storm.

Be sure you have a house or family and not a shack. Some shacks look beautiful and attractive, but the truth is they are shacks and they are vulnerable to any kind of weather conditions. When it rains, they flood. When it’s cold, they are unbearable. When it’s hot, they smell.

A shack is unhealthy at any time of its life. You surely do not want to invest your life, energy and resources building a family that just vanishes into the air under any kind of storm.

Let God build your house and that is a foundation of order in your family. Any house is as strong as its foundation and if Jesus is your foundation then you have built.

●Build your family on love and forgiveness. What are you teaching your family? Are you teaching them to love God, people and your neighbours or you are teaching them to hate your neighbors and your perceived enemies?

Many of us waste our time and our children’s lives training them in evil. We train them to be racist, tribalists, haters of humanity and abusers of women and men. I think you are misled.

Teach your family all virtues of love. Teach your family to forgive people, forgive those who wrong them so they can journey through life without burdens in their hearts.

Teach your family to love God with all their hearts. You do not want to leave them scattered in the world of confusion and Satanism. Hear me well my beloved, there is accounting we will have to do before God concerning our families. I speak to you prophetically today and say put your family in order.

It is the duty of every family to train and coach its offspring in the ways of God who created the family. Most families are built on idolatry, witchcraft, anger and hatred for others including their relatives. Do not pass onto your children your anger and disappointments or bitterness. Many of us today are fighting wars that we have no business fighting because our parents initiated us into their wars unnecessarily.

Most of the scourges we are struggling with and trying to fight at national or global level can be better fought and changed at family level.

We waste so much resource on these campaigns and fights at a wrong level. If our focuses could be on building the family with God and strengthening its capacity to train and groom responsible citizens, we would be a better world.

When you put order in your family or house, you create capacity to develop character and personhood that aligns well with the desires and designs of God for humanity.

The family is the only God given institution for training and grooming humanity for God.

Each nation is as strong as the families that make it. We can have beautiful buildings and roads and cars and money as a country, but if our families are poor and raising criminals, we are a weak and fake people.

The world has beautiful streets filled with children seeking a living and dying at the same time because the family is weak. The beauty of a nation is not in its streets and tall buildings, but on the stability of its families.

When you talk of wealthy nations, look at the status of the family and then you will know what you are talking about. It is our duty together as parents and governments to put order in the family.

I do not know about you my brothers out there, but my household and I will worship the Lord and allow Him to be our builder and shield. It is not about our backgrounds or what others think but what God says to us now and in the future. But whatever, your take, put order in your house today.

 Kilton Moyo is the creator of Fruitful Marriages, a renewal and enrichment programme, and is pastor, counsellor and author of The Sex Trap. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207, +263 772 610 103 or +263 712 384 841. citizenafricafoundation@gmail.com