Byo revives raids on food outlets

THE Bulawayo City Council has revived its raids on food outlets with 97 200 rotten eggs and 54kg of chickens destroyed last month as part of efforts to enforce good health standards.


According to a report from the council’s health, housing and education committee, the condemned chicken were confiscated from Zapalala Wholesale.

“A voluntary condemnation was done where 97 200 eggs, which were rotten, were condemned and destroyed. A total of 54kg of chickens were condemned from Zapalala, who were repackaging the chicken under unsatisfactory conditions,” the report said.


“The 13 premises that were issued with statutory notices had since been reconnected, except for one. The outstanding premises were issued with a deposit fine and would be referred back to the Zimbabwe Republic Police for prosecution.”

Council has also expressed concern over the proliferation of illegal backyard industries and food outlets.

Meanwhile, council has admitted that shortage of refuse trucks leads to refuse not being collected within the central business district.

“The department continued with its efforts to ensure that the city was clean. Collection of bagged sweepings in the central business district remained a challenge due to the shortage of refuse vehicles and as a result, there were days where refuse remained uncollected in some sanitary lanes.

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