Gweru water pump stolen


ONE of Gweru City Council’s water pumps’ parts were stolen after it had gone for repairs in Kwekwe, acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi has revealed.


gweru city council

Mwedzi said the local authority had taken two pumps from Gwenoro for repairs in Kwekwe and Harare, respectively.

He said mechanics in Kwekwe advised them that thieves had broken into their premises and parts of the pump were among the things stolen.

Mwedzi said the matter has since been reported to Kwekwe Central police station.

“We had taken one of the pumps from Gwenoro to Kwekwe for repairs when we received reports that its parts had been stolen,” Mwedzi told NewsDay yesterday.

“The other pump is in Harare, where it is being repaired.”

He, however, said the two pumps had not been functioning for a while and were not part of the set of pumps currently servicing the city.

He said once the pumps were repaired and installed, they will boost pumping capacity. Some of Gweru’s water problems stem from ageing pumps, which have been in use for more than three decades.

The city requires six pumps, but at most operates with only two, a situation, which has affected pumping capacity.