Binary Trading – The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Zimbabweans

Binary Options trading may be a foreign concept to a lot of traders as it differs from traditional trading. Traders who would like to start trading in binary options need to ensure that they understand the risks as well as the rewards involved. View the 17 Best Forex Brokers for Zimbabweans Although it was not […]

Binary Options trading may be a foreign concept to a lot of traders as it differs from traditional trading. Traders who would like to start trading in binary options need to ensure that they understand the risks as well as the rewards involved.

View the 17 Best Forex Brokers for Zimbabweans

Although it was not a significant consideration, especially in Zimbabwe, it has become increasingly popular due to the importance and legitimacy involved with binary options trading.


A lot more Zimbabwean residents have been offered the opportunity to trade binary options by certain brokers and when considering regulations, Zimbabweans need to consider that not all brokers are regulated.

It is advised that beginner traders always look at utilizing a broker that is regulated and authorized by a reputable entity as there are strict requirements that the broker has to comply with when considering the safety and security of client funds.

Binary options in Zimbabwe is a legal activity and it can be done through a regulated broker that offers binary options as part of their offering pertaining to financial instruments says Professional Trader Erik Marais from MakariosFX

How to choose the right binary options broker in Zimbabwe

To choose the right binary options broker, traders need to look at brokers that better suit their trading needs in conjunction with their trading plan that they have put in place.

A trading plan consists of considerations such as the following:

  • The trader’s motivation for trading binary options.
  • The time that the trader is willing or able to dedicate to trading activities.
  • The trader’s goals which should be concise and clear.
  • The trader needs to consider and evaluate their tolerance to risk.
  • The trader needs to evaluate and state the amount of capital that they can make available to trade in binary options which includes trading and non-trading fees in addition to compensating for possible losses.
  • The trader should outline their personal risk management rules.
  • The trader needs to formulate and outline the trading strategies they wish to use when trading binary options.
  • The trader needs to indicate their methods of recordkeeping such as a journal, to keep track of trading activities and mistakes made so that the trading strategies can be improved and adjusted accordingly.

As soon as the trader has formulated their trading plan, they will have a better understanding of their needs in addition to their limitations and this will help them in selecting a binary options broker more efficiently.

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When looking at a binary options broker in Zimbabwe, traders need to know that it may not be an easy task and it may involve a lot of additional research which includes comparing brokers through using different reviews.

A few focus points that Zimbabwean traders can look at when choosing a broker includes, but is not limited to:

  • The minimum deposit that the broker requires when opening an account.
  • What the deposit and withdrawal fees are in addition to the payment methods and limitations on withdrawal amounts.
  • Whether the broker has a demo account as part of its offer.
  • What trading platforms are offered by the broker?
  • Reviews on customer support which includes response times, availability, depth of information provided, and so on.
  • Is the broker regulated and through which regulatory entity?
  • Is mobile trading an option with the trading platforms provided?
Why traders should open a demo account with a broker before registering a live account

Using a demo account particularly when trading binary options is a fundamental step that has to be completed before registering a live account with a broker.

Once the Zimbabwean trader has selected pertaining to a particular broker, the trader can open a demo account with the broker and start exploring the broker’s offering in addition to using the account to practice trading in a risk-free environment.

These demo accounts mirror live accounts and provide traders with access to all the features and ways in which they can trade with the added benefit of being able to use virtual money instead of the trader’s actual capital.

This allows the trader to get a hands-on feel of what live trading would be like when using the particular broker and give the broker an idea of things such as execution speeds, live quote updates, and more. You can learn more about forex trading here.

Traders also need to ensure that they select a broker that does not require an initial deposit before a demo account can be opened as this might be a sign that the broker is not legitimate as brokers should offer a demo account without initial payment.

How do traders find the right binary options strategy?

When traders start researching the different binary options strategies that can be used, is important not to commit to the first and best one marketed by a site, but to look more closely at the trader’s trading plan and selecting a strategy that meets the trader’s needs.

It is important to note that there is no single perfect strategy that will work for every trader an no single perfect strategy that will work for a trader every single time.

However, Zimbabwean traders can maximize their profits and minimize their losses by using demo accounts to test out different strategies by conducting technical and fundamental analysis and tweaking the strategy until the trader is happy with the results.

Technical and fundamental analysis are essential when testing out trading strategies as they provide the trader with important information with which traders will more accurately be able to predict price movements.

Binary option trading and making use of algorithmic trading along with trading signals

Algorithmic trading, or automated trading, is done by trading robots who trade on behalf of the trader based on calculations, or algorithms, and these robots follow a set of commands provided by the trader according to the trader’s needs and trading strategies.

A lot of trading platforms feature trading robots that can be modified according to what the trader needs in addition to providing traders with the tools to develop their own trading robots.

Zimbabweans who would like to learn more about such trading robots will benefit greatly by using MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 as their trading platform as long as their broker makes these trading platforms a part of its offering.

Trading signals are messages which contain specific details pertaining to a possible lucrative trade which is delivered to the trader either via SMS, email or through a push notification on their mobile devices.

To subscribe to trading signals, the trader needs to ensure that both their binary options broker and trading platform support the use of trading signals. These trading signals are often provided by professional traders to which the trader can subscribe.

Binary options may seem like an overly complex financial instrument at first, but through following guidelines, conducting research, and having a basic understanding of the process involved with trading, traders can benefit greatly from trading binary options.

The important thing to consider is that traders choose a regulated broker that suits their trading needs and that traders first open a demo account before merely choosing a broker.

Traders also need to ensure that they have a trading plan in place before they start trading and that they adhere to the limitations that they set to ensure that trading is conducted in an orderly and disciplined manner within these limitations.

Traders need to make use of demo accounts not only to explore the broker’s offering, but to gain hands-on experience with the trading environment in addition to practicing and mastering trading strategies along with conducting different analysis.