Paradza sings to transform lives




GOSPEL artiste Precious Paradza says she sings to preach the gospel of Christ and give hope to the hopeless.

Drawing inspiration from various veteran gospel artistes, Paradza told NewsDay Life & Style originality and unique sound distinguishes here music from the rest.

“My music is different from others because of originality, as I don’t try to copy or imitate anyone. I write songs according to my life experiences, mostly looking at what the Lord is doing in people’s lives,” she said.

“My inspiration also comes from fellow gospel artistes who have gone ahead of us such as Janet Manyowa, Pastor G, Minister Mahendere and The Charambas. They have influenced my ministry physically, directly and indirectly.”

“My life is a testimony of God’s grace and it is my desire that a lot of lives globally be impacted by the message in my music.

“I wish those who are lost may come to the knowledge of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” she said.

“Looking forward to being a unique gospel singer to bring in what the gospel industry has not received from us professionally and spiritually encourages my compositions with God being in control.”

Paradza said her four-track album titled Tongai was making waves, adding that she was working on videos for other songs.

“My latest album has four tracks, Hakuna Mumwe, Tongai, Mugoni and You Reign.

“I am happy that Hakuna Mumwe, which has an accompanying video, got positive feedback amassing 2 000 likes on YouTube in two weeks,” she said.

“I would want to maintain high standards such that I inspire others, who also come after us having also been inspired by those who come gone ahead of us. So, we want to maintain the trend or even do much better.”

She said her vision was to be able to bring hope to the hopeless and be an inspiration to fellow gospel musicians.

“My heart is to grow to the level where I can be able to support other gospel artistes as well. With the powerful message that my music carries, it will bring hope to the hopeless, because only God is able to change our situation,” she said.

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